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Friday, August 14, 2009

Antinunde (Karadantu / Ghum ke ladoo)

Antinunde( Antu means gum; unde means ladoo in Kannada language) ranks top in the ladoo category with my family. The edible gum used in this dish has many health benefits; it is said that these gum promotes strong back bones. My mother made these when I delivered my daughter and my son after two years. She kept saying it will help my bones strong and I beleive her. What I like about these laboos are they are packed with protein (nuts), iron (dates) and jaggery (the lesser evil of sugar). I call it a protein bar that is heavenly in taste.

1 cup chopped cashew
1 cup chopped Almonds
1 cup chopped dried dates
1 cup dried grapes
1/4 cup antu (edible gum)
1/2 cup dried shredded coconut
2 tbsp kuskus
Method: In a pan roast seperately all the ingredients about except Jaggery putting little ghee. Start with cashew. Once it turns reddish, transfer it to a mixing bowl. Next roast almond adding little ghee. Transfer it to the mixing bowl and mix well with cashew. Follow the same procedure for edible gum, dates, dired grapes, coconut and kuskus. Once all the ingredients are roasted, mix them well in the mixing bowl. The next and the most important step is to make Jaggery paka (Syrup). Paka is the method breaking jaggery into fine powder and boiling it to a thick form by adding little bit of water.

Once paka is ready, pour it hot on the roasted ingredients. Mix it well with a spatula. Allow it to cool a little bit before making ladoo. You can prepare Ladoo in the size you like. You can keep these Ladoos in an airtight container. These Ladoos are ok to eat till one month from prepare.

Helpful hints:
Keep stiring the nuts while roasting. Don't burn them. Edible gum blow big when fried in ghee. You can break them into smaller pieces if you don't want when stuck in your teeth while eating. Always use dried coconut and not fresh coconut. Don't make thick jaggery syrup or else these ladoo will turn into hard to eat balls.


Springbird said...

Oh so wonderful!It makes me feel grab one rit away.will try to do one.

Arathi Sridhar said...

Antu unde looks yummy! been a while since I had those..will try sometime.

Preeti said...

Thanks for your comments gals

Panchpakwan said...


Antin unde tumba channagi kanisuthide...just remembered gokak's famous kardantu..:)

Nagashree.S.Prasad said...

Hi dear preeti,

Just now visited ur site through arathi's blog while searching sweet dishes and found so many awesome recipes especially antinunde, carrot halwa.

keep it up... it is just nice to have a site only meant for desserts which i love a lot.... :)

Keep posting more and more sweet recipes like peda,burfi, halwa, sweet squares,payasa, holige etc...

Thanks very much,

konikadey said...

I've been searching for the Edible Gum after 2 years of C-Section and Still suffering with Severe Backpain. Thaugh of getting REadymade Ghum ke laddo however not sure if i can buy in Bangalore any specific sweet shop. hence thaugth I can make them however I am not sure where I can bye Edible Gum can I buy it in any of the Grocery or kiraana shop where I get Almond, Cashew or so... I just need to make some laddo which can help me reduce my Backpain which satarted during C-Section Anesthesia injection.

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